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Sugaring is Better than waxing

Sugaring Head to Toe

For Both Women & Men

Waxing is a popular & easily accessible method for body hair removal……….but once you try Sugaring we bet you never go back to waxing!!!

Sugaring Armpit
  • Sugaring uses only natural ingredients. The preparation is 100% natural, contains water and sugar, with no chemical, fragrance or coloring additives and no lemon juice or any kind of acid. It is hypoallergenic, causes no skin irritation. It is so nature that sweet-toothed persons may even eat it! Waxing is made of resins and often toxic chemicals as well. These ingredients are often irritating, if not toxic, to the skin.
  • Sugaring paste is applied at body temperature & will not burn your skin. Hot wax must be heated to a high degree in order to become liquified which can cause burning & scarring.
  • Sugar paste can be cleaned up easily with water. You will never leave a Sugaring treatment feeling sticky. Since wax contains resins, chemical solvents are required to remove it’s residues.
    Mens Sugaring Chest

    • Sugar cannot adhere to live skin cells. This means less discomfort for you & less trauma to your skin. Sugaring does remove dead skin cells – so as the hair is removed your skin is also getting exfoliated! Wax has been known to remove more than just the hair, since it can adhere directly to live skin cells, which makes waxing more painful & irritating. Wax cannot be applied to an area more than twice at the most.
    • Sugaring Paste is hypoallergenic & non-comedogenic. Cross contamination in a waxing room is always a danger, especially since bacteria will breed inside a tub of wax. Using only gloves and one pice of sugar, it is sanitary and easily disposable - No strips, sticks or double dipping! Sugaring naturally helps control cross contamination & bacteria cannot breed in a tub of sugar. Cross contamination in a waxing room is always a danger, especially since bacteria will breed inside a tub of wax.
    Face Sugaring
    • Sugaring is so gentle it can be used to remove the vellus hair that grows on some women’s faces, and is safe to remove hair on the male scrotum; wax is risky for both.
    Sugaring Leg
    • Using the Advanced Sugaring Technique the paste wraps around the hair making it pliable. The hair is removed out of the follicle only in the natural direction of growth, which helps to extract the hair intact. One of the most common problems waxers face is early regrowth due to broken hairs. Waxing can leave 15% – 30% breakage behind. Since wax hardens on the hair, it has the tendency to break it off at the surface, rather than pull it out.
    • The Advanced Sugaring Technique requires less than 1/8 inch of hair (or 5 – 7 days growth after shaving) for successful extraction. Wax products require that you grow the hair out at least 1/4 inch before your next waxing. (or 2 – 3 weeks growth after shaving).
    • After a number of sugaring treatments the follicle begins to deplete. the hair growth is more refined each time.

    Lower Leg Sugaring
    Lower Leg Sugaring 2

    Sugaring will help:

    • Eliminate ingrown hairs
    • Prevent new ingrown hairs
    • Successfully treats all skin types and color
    • Improve skin tone and texture
    My Image

    Sugaring will not:

    • Burn the skin
    • Damage the dermal cells“Pit” the delicate facial skin cells
    • Scar follicle mouth or surrounding area
    • Promote cross contamination

    Forget Shaving and Start Getting Sugared

    Woman Shaving Face

    Shaving hair actually makes it thicker, courser, and darker. And so, shaving is a vicious cycle. You want smooth legs, so you shave. But then it just grows right back worse than before, and you have to shave it again the next morning. Ever hear of 5 o'clock shadow? Women who shave get that on their legs, too.

    With sugaring your hair will actually thin out the more you sugar. Razors often cause red bumps, razor burn, ingrown hairs, cuts, and irritation of the skin.

    Stop using a razor.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is body sugaring?
      Sugaring is an ancient art of hair removal that was popular thousands of years ago in Egypt, Greece and Mesopotamia. The technique is described in Egyptian hieroglyphics and in writings from the Turkish Empire. Rediscovered ancient arts often are found to be the most effective methods, and this is clearly the case with sugaring. We are doing a regular sugaring, NOT the sugar wax that still requires use os strips. A special sugar paste is applied first in the opposite direction of hair growth using the hands (no strips). It’s then flicked off in the the direction of hair growth, so it doesn’t break off the hair. Sugaring does not adhere to your skin, but only to hairs, so it can be applied to the same place several times, without a fear of the skin being stretched or torn. Sugaring paste is easily heated to the temperature of your body, so burns and irritation are impossible. Regular body sugaring treatments leads to reduced hair growth meaning less hair, fewer treatments and a decrease in any discomfort.
    • What is it make of?
      All natural products - sugar, lemon and water.
    • Is sugaring painful?
      All hair removal can be painful, after all, we are removing hair from the root. Everyone has a different pain tolerance so you won’t know until you try it, but in our experience, no one has run screaming for the hills.
    • Does it hurt as much as waxing?
      No. And for a reason…sugar isn’t hot, it can’t tear the skin and hair is removed in the natural direction of growth without those awful strips.
    • Can sugaring burn or tear the skin like traditional waxing?
      No. Sugar is water soluble and will not stick to the live skin cells and is applied at body temperature, never hot!
    • What is the difference in waxing and sugaring?
      They differ in temperature, application, the direction hair is removed in, the amount of time for the service, how much hair is removed in a service, and the biggest thing is the end result. Sugar is applied against the hair growth and removes the hair in a natural direction in which it grows, this allows better extraction with less breakage of the hair. The sugar is applied at body temperate, so no burning. The sugar does not require 10-14 days of hair growth, we only need about 5 days from the last shave.
    • What exactly is the difference between a Brazilian, G-String and Bikini?
      The Brazilian removes all hair from the privates, front and back (with the possible exception of a design described below). The Bare-All Brazilian is a Thong Brazilian plus the labia for women or the penis and scrotum for men – and if requested the entrance to the anus. The Brazilian has many nicknames: The Full Monty, the Sphinx, the GuyZilla, the L.A. Bikini, The Extreme Brazilian and the Hollywood.
      G-String Bikini
      The G-String Bikini removes all hair except what would be covered by a thong or G-string (and yes, men do wear thongs). The name comes from Brazilian women who were the first to wear thong bathing suits. In the front, hair is removed above, below and around the privates, but not the privates themselves (leaving hair on the labia for women, and on the penis and scrotum for men). The Thong Brazilian in the back includes the butt and the cleft of the butt cheeks but not the anus. During Thong sugaring you can actually wear a thong or G-string if you choose, or have your sugarist maneuver a towel as needed. We also call the Thong the Extended Bikini. Other names include the Basic Brazilian and the Mediterranean.
      The Bikini/Speedo Line removes hair in about a 3-inch strip around the line of your bikini or Speedo (or low-rider briefs/panties) … but removes none of the hair underneath. It includes the hair on the pubis bone just above the bikini, and also along the front of the thighs and the inner thighs (and the back of the thighs if necessary). If you choose you can actually wear underwear or a bathing suit for your sugaring, and we will work around what you have on. (It should not be your favorite because it may get sticky from the sugar and need to be discarded.) We also offer disposable underwear for women. During the summer we can follow your tan line! Or your sugarist can discreetly maneuver a towel to cover or uncover as needed.
    • How often should I get sugared?
      Generally recommend to get sugared once in 25 days, but depending on your skin and hair type it can be up to 5-6 weeks. The general rule is – the more often you do it, the thinner and more invisible your hair becomes. Ask Gena your Sugaring Esthetician about your skin type and how often you should get sugared.

    • I’m planning my wedding when should I get sugared?
      Your first visit should be 10-12 days before your wedding, then come back in for a 7 day clean up a day or 2 before the wedding. This will allow for the best results for that special day!
    • Can you drink alcohol before your service to help relax?
      Alcohol actually does NOT help at all and should be saved for after your service.
    • What can I take to help ease the discomfort?
      We are not doctors so we do not recommend anything, but if you had a headache what would you take?

    Sugaring is the better alternative to using a razor or waxing.

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